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My Guy - We have been married more than 20 years, and have been on more adventures than I can count. He’s perfect for me. Together we have built our family on faith, fun and making the most out of what we have. We are better together for sure.
MY People - These are my people. they have my whole heart. they are amazing, beautiful charming, and hilarious. they are mine forever. seven of us. in the summer of 2015 we lost our son cory to suicide. now more than ever, i continue to believe that our memories are all we can keep; they are worth capturing and documenting. this tragedy will forever be part of our story. tragedy can break you, or make you stronger. I choose strength.
My Job - I feel so blessed to have a job that I just love! I am passionate about what I do and love those I get to work with! I have lots of different roles as “creative director” for the heidi swapp brand. I’m responsible for new ideas, marketing, video and content director, product testing, and innovating. First and foremost… I get to be me! My best ideas come from real-life circumstances. I love working with american crafts and my amazing creative team. they pretty much rock!
My happy place - nothing beats “studio time!” I love losing track of time and making a huge mess in my creative space! Whether I’m creating thank you cards, memory albums, home decor, or party invitations, I am the happiest when I am making pretty stuff for the people I love the most.
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my love language making stuff is my love language. I show love by throwing parties, decorating my house, giving little memory books, and delivering handmade love notes. it’s how I connect, and how I communicate my affection and devotion. I think sometimes my family wishes that I showed my love through cooking!